Jessica Mei Gershen, a native New Yorker, recently returned after living in California for the past twelve years. Her yoga practice was born in Northern California where she studied Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga.

Jessica has also worked with children ever since she was fifteen years old. She has worked with infants, toddlers, and school age children in the classroom settings and privately in their homes.

In 2009, Jessica began working with children diagnosed with Autism. She worked in the classroom as their inclusion specialist and also privately, creating educational activities based on their developmental ages. It was privately that Jessica began incorporating her yoga practice into her curriculum. She found that the practice of yoga was a fantastic catalyst towards opening up the child’s receptivity towards communication, focus, and willingness to participate in other activities throughout their days together. Jessica began initiating her sessions with a twenty to thirty minute yoga session and found it really helped the rest of the day go smoothly.

Now, Jessica is specifying teaching both children with special needs and also babies and toddlers in the private yoga setting. In her 30 - 45 minute sessions she creates a simple yoga class designed specifically for the child she is working with at that moment. She responds to each child’s personal needs and interests and incorporates them into her classes allowing each child to feel as special and important as they are in actuality. Her ability to connect and create meaningful relationships with the children has proven the effectiveness and satisfaction of this work and inspired her to continue towards spreading her practice to as many families as she can.